Football Banquet Committee

Each year the Football Booster coordinates a grand Season Finale for our Conroe Tiger Football Players.  This event is filled with food, fellowship, and fun, but that’s not all.  The Conroe Tiger Football Coaches choose this event to honor the Conroe Tiger Football Players with Team recognition and an Award Ceremony.

Like most major events, the Football Banquet requires a lot of planning and volunteers.  “But I’m not the fancy party planning type” you may say, that is OK – there is plenty other aspects of this event you can help with such as working the Sign in Table, Senior gift delivery, program placement, or helping all the vertically challenged Booster Members hang that banner that we never seem to get high enough.

Concession Stand Committee

The best six letter word on the planet: SNACKS!!!  What better way to honor that word than through volunteering at the Concession Stand for Freshman and JV games.

Golf Tournament Committee

If Football Banquet is our Season Finale, we must have a Season Premier right?  You are correct!  The annual Conroe Tiger Football Golf Tournament kicks off our season. This event not only provides you with a reason to miss work during the week, but it raises money for the Scholarship Fund and to help fund other events throughout the season for the Conroe Tiger Football Players.

Just like the Football Banquet, this event requires a lot of planning and volunteers as well.  I know, I know, you don’t play Golf and you have no idea what the rules are.  Once again, that is OK because we have plenty of other aspects of this event you can help with, such as, Team Registration, securing Silent Auction items and overseeing the Silent Auction, driving the beverage cart, securing Hole Sponsors, the post Tournament Award Ceremony, and the list goes on and on.

Home Games Volunteer Committee

PROGRAMS GET YOUR PROGRAMS HERE!!!  Yeah, we are those people too.  Home Game Volunteers assist with the selling of merchandise and programs before and during the game.

Homecoming Parade Committee

The Marching Band, the Candy, the Cheerleaders, the Candy, the Football Players, the Homecoming Court, the Community, and did I mention the Candy.  Volunteers at the Homecoming Parade help guide the parade participants during line up and escort them through the parade route if necessary.

Memberships Committee

Football Booster Memberships is a vital part of the funding for all the events and Scholarships provided to the Conroe Tiger Football Players.  Signing up new members is what contributes to the financial success of the Football Booster year after year.  In addition to registering new members, the Membership Committee helps the Football Booster keep everyone informed of upcoming events

Seniors Committee

Where did the time go, a SENIOR, it seems like only yesterday they were on the practice field at CHS9 learning the basics and conditioning for their future.  To celebrate the hard work and dedication of our Seniors, there are several events throughout the season that honor the Players and their families.

The Football Booster does not oversee all these events, but we are heavily involved in the Volunteer portion of the Event, for example, Senior Night.  Conroe High Senior night honors all CHS Seniors and their families, but it takes a lot of coordination and volunteers to give that many people the honor they deserve.  Some of the things that the Football Booster assists with at this event is line up and handing out flyers/flowers to the parents.

Sponsorships Committee

Like the Football Booster Memberships, Sponsorships are a vital part of the funding for all the events and Scholarships provided to the Conroe Tiger Football Players.  Seeking new Sponsors and communicating with our current Sponsors is what contributes to the financial success of the Football Booster year after year.

Team Meals Committee

I know what you are thinking “You want me to cook for a whole team of teenage boys?!?”  Could you imagine that grocery bill, but no, we are not asking you to cook for the entire Football team, we just need help getting the food to the boys on Game Day.  Each week the Conroe Tiger Football Players are provided with a meal before (or after) the game.  This Committee oversees picking up the food and delivering the food to the school from one of the local restaurants.

Tiger Head Crew Committee

Imagine if you will, it is Friday night, the stands are packed, the band is playing, the Cheerleaders are cheering, the announcement has been made that your Conroe Tigers are taking the field and then you realize, the Tiger Head is missing.  Yeah, I saw the sadness too, but don’t worry, the Tiger Head Crew always comes through.  These unseen hype man heroes know the impact the Tiger Head has on the game and make sure it never misses the opportunity to pump up the Players as they run through the tunnel to a stadium full of Conroe Tiger cheering fans.

Volunteer Committee

Wait what, you want me to sign up to do everything?!?  Not at all.  We understand that you may not be ready to commit to a full Committee, but you do want to help when an event and opportunity fits your schedule.  The Football Booster welcomes all levels of Volunteers and will make sure you stay informed of all upcoming events and Volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in joining a CHS Football Booster Committee, please fill out the Volunteer form.